Base Camp

Group size is no more than 4 per instructor.
This is our introductory level. The objective of this level is to introduce the swimmer to the water in a comfortable and safe environment. The students will learn to blow bubbles, submerge their head while holding their breath, the front and back float with support, kicking with the support of the instructor, introduction to basic stroke movement, and jumping into the water and returning to the side with assistance.

The Ridge

Group size is no more than 5 per instructor.
Upon completing "Base Camp" the swimmer will learn to kick in streamline position with their face in the water and breathing by picking the head up and returning to the streamline position. The swimmers will also continue to develop the back float in streamline position with proper kicking. At this level the swimmers are striving to jump in deep water and return to the side unassisted.


Group size is 5-6 per instructor.
Capable of the Base Camp and Ridge skills, the swimmers will be introduced to the proper techniques for basic freestyle, breathing every three strokes (to both sides) and backstroke, keeping arms continuous.

The Crest

Group size is 5-6 per instructor.
Capable of fulfilling the previous level skills, Breastroke and Butterfly are introduced. Swimmers also continue to refine freestyle and backstroke.
Once the swimmer completes The Crest he or she is ready for Endurance and/or evaluation for placement on the competitive team.  Please ask your instructor how to move forward.   

Current Schedule

May Mini
Sessions are 30-minute lessons, 2 days per week for 2 weeks.
All swim levels are offered for each session.  
Cost: $45 

Days: Mon/Wed OR Tues/Thurs
Times: 4:00 or 4:30
Session 1: May 6-17 
Session 2: May 20-30

Summer Swim Lessons

All sessions are 30-minute lessons, 4 days per week for 2 weeks. 

Rain-outs are rescheduled on weekends.

All swim levels are offered for each session. 

Cost: $85



Days: Monday-Thursday

Times: 9:30 or 10:00 am

June 3-14

June 17-28

July 8-19

July 22-Aug 2



Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday

Times: 1:00, 1:30, 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, or 3:30 pm

June 3-14

June 17-28

July 8-19

July 22-Aug 2

Spring Special Discount!
Use code SUMM25 when registering for a Summer Swim Lesson session to receive $25 off.  This code does not apply to May Mini or any other Summit program.  This discount code is valid through May 31, 2019.   


Private Lessons are available with Coach Meagan. 
To schedule, please call or email her directly.

Lesson Policies
If classes are cancelled by Summit Swimming due to weather or instructor cancellation, make up classes will be rescheduled.
Parents are welcome to observe lessons; however we ask that you not interact with your child during lessons. 



Got Questions?

If you have any questions please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you!